"ELITE is an Attitude that Separates Excellence from Mediocrity"


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Employment Opportunities

While previous work experience is required for our managerial and supervisory positions, specific security-related education or experience are not always required for our Security Officer jobs.  ELITE Universal Security hires people on the basis of their personal characteristics: Dependability, Honesty and Responsibility. The people we hire have excellent communication skills and enjoy working with people.

Regional Manager    Director / Supervisor    Assistant Director    Security Officer
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Regional Manager

ELITE Universal Security Regional Managers are the entrepreneurial charges of our branch offices. Our Regional Managers need a combination of skills to sell security services to every type of American business.  ELITE Universal Security personnel must maintain the highest standards of quality. Strong business management skills are required to run a regional operation while maintaining P/L responsibility in the ELITE corporate structure. Depending on the size of Regional office, a Regional Manager may have a staff of 15 - 30 people. Job announcements detail specific job requirements. Some of the major responsibilities include:

  • Administrative staff development
  • Building strong client relationships
  • Reviewing job sites for overall security awareness and safety compliance
  • Setting and managing financial goals for region
  • Reviewing proper contract compliance
  • Ensuring all local, state and federal compliance
  • Interview and assist in placement of security officers in special assignments
  • Write site orders and procedures for security officers and construct knowledge tests
  • Review and survey client locations for security and safety issues
  • Develop financial management review of accounts including reviewing overtime and client invoices
  • Negotiating with clients for pay and billing rate increases

 A ELITE Security Regional Manager  is the single point-of-contact for the ELITE customer. Every client, regardless of size, has one contact for all matters pertaining to security service. Beyond regular supervision, a Regional Manager provides total customer service through personal visits with clients that are scheduled on a regular basis. A "customer service" attitude and workforce supervision experience are necessary skills. Regional managers routinely provide the following support to the branch and client.


Director  / Supervisor

ELITE Universal Security Directors / Supervisors are the center of on-site operations. Strong interpersonal relations skills, one-on-one and phone etiquette skills are paramount for this fast-paced position. Directors / Supervisors must have superior time management skills and an ability to think ahead in planning future security work. Most importantly, Directors / Supervisors  uphold the ELITE Universal Security highest standards. Directors / Supervisor's place new employees on their first assignment, assign veteran security officers to additional training and to new posts to keep the branch workforce vital. ( This helps to prevent open posts and provides for continuity through advance and lateral training on multiple job site / postings ). 

ELITE Universal Security Directors / Supervisors have many roles in an organization depending on its size. When hiring supervisors and guards, they ensure ELITE Universal Security procedures of recruiting, interviewing and testing are maintained to the highest standards. Directors / Supervisors  must be extremely detailed in interviewing candidates and reviewing applications for complete information. They must review standard background check information. Strong people skills and working in a team environment including operations, scheduling and field supervision are necessary for hiring officers and placing them in the best positions. Administrative duties require many business office skills such as PC data entry, managing branch files, employment records and adhering to all local, state, and federal employment laws and regulations. Directors / Supervisors have responsibility to conduct new employee orientation and training classes. Some of the duties include:

  • Reviewing applications
  • Scheduling interview sessions
  • Screening candidates for placement
  • Ensure all state/local officer licenses and training records are current
  • Maintain affirmative action statistics
  • Ensure high utilization of existing workforce
  • Timely and accurate data entry for payroll sheets and supplemental information
  • Updating the master listing of all posts and employees 
  • Coordinate with Assistant Directors / Supervisors for all new security coverage
  • Review Daily Activity Report (DAR) entries on all logs and reports
  • Completing Employee Evaluation Worksheets for Pay Raises and/or Promotions
  • Training and recruiting guards for Supervisor / Director positions
  • Ensuring Schedules are correct and delivered on time

Assistant Director

Out working all posts eighty percent of the time, Assistant Directors visit and learn all security posts. Assistant Directors set the standards for appearance at all locations through routine site inspections around the clock. They must present proven supervision skills and have abilities to counsel and correct deficiencies in the workplace. Assistant Directors test Security Officers on post knowledge, safety awareness and driving duties where they are required. Assistant Directors represent the office and the Security Officers under them, whether starting new posts on weekends or responding to emergencies late at night. They are managers in the field and must have the skill to make quick and accurate decisions. Assistant Directors routinely provide the following support to the branch office and client:

  • Set and uphold standards of appearance
  • Measure quality standards using existing measurement checklists
  • Review Security Officer Logs and Daily Activity Reports (DAR's) and files for accurate and legible information
  • Inspect job sites for personnel security and safety awareness
  • Reviewing applications
  • Scheduling interview sessions
  • Screening candidates for placement
  • Ensure all Officer licenses are current (State/Local) 
  • Maintain affirmative action statistics

Security Officer

Security Officers deliver a high quality security service that ELITE Universal Security is known for across the country. You can expect a wide variety of duties during daily tasks and must be able to relate effectively with people. Some officers often work independently and must be able to follow all Site Orders as well as the orders by ELITE Universal Security supervisors. High uniform appearance standards and neatness are required.  Previous security experience is not always required. We provide classroom basic training that is the beginning of an ongoing program providing the latest in professional security officer training. In every job, professional demeanor and effective face to face communication are essential. Each office may have other requirements, but the general requirements for ELITE Universal Security Officers include:

  • Outstanding Customer Service Attitude
  • Able to comprehend Site Orders and other written instructions at all sites
  • Successful completion and passing of our standard tests
  • Demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility
  • Cleary communicate orally face to face or by radio and telephone
  • Outstanding uniform appearance


What's in it for you?

ELITE Universal Security is a recognized leader in the security industry. We are known as the quality service provider. You will work in an environment surrounded by professional security specialists, managers and supervisors whose primary goal is customer satisfaction.

ELITE Universal Security will provide you with a competitive salary and benefits package which may include paid vacations, health insurance, a retirement plan, flexible schedules, uniforms, assistance with state licensing requirements, and training.

In addition, our employees are confident that problems will be resolved. When problems occur, we have a  program that is designed to address our employees' concerns in the quickest possible manner and at the lowest possible level.  ELITE Universal Security's commitment is in valuing our most important asset -- our people.

Want To Apply?

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You now have 2 ways you can apply!

You can apply by downloading our Employment Application, printing it and filling it out and sending it back to us along with a resume' by any of the following methods:

  • Fax - (530)741-9194
  • E-mail: admin@eliteuniversalsecurity.com
  • Postal Mail: ELITE Universal Security, Attn: Human Resources Manager, 5548 Feather River Blvd.  Olivehurst, CA. 95901

OR you can open our Online Employment Application by simply clicking on it, fill it out and click "Submit!" at the bottom of the last page! 


In order to do anything with either the downloadable or Online Employment Application, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, which you can obtain by clicking on the icon below.  If you need more information about Adobe Acrobat .PDF Files, click here

Get the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader Here!

In order to successfully send the Online Employment Application back to us, first make sure you have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, then click on the link (A new browser window will open when you click on the link), fill it out while it is open in your browser window, and have an active Internet Connection at the time you click "Submit!"  All highlighted areas on the application MUST be filled out or the form WILL NOT submit!

Please be sure to include your name, address, both work and home phone numbers, e-mail address and indicate your specific job interest and geographical location.


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