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How to Read Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

Downloading Adobe Reader In a Nutshell

  • All PDF files require the most current version of Adobe Reader to view. If you currently have a version lower than 7.0 and are experiencing difficulties in opening the page you might want to consider upgrading to the newest version.
  • After reading the below steps click on this Acrobat icon (Download Adobe Reader so you can read the Acrobat version of this file) to get the Adobe Reader.
  • Download the Adobe Reader program onto your hard drive.
    How to avoid the most common mistake: Write down the exact name of the download file. Most people forget the name. (More fully explained in the detailed instructions below)
    How to avoid the second most common mistake: After you've downloaded the file, realize that you're not done yet! You still have to execute the file! (More fully explained in the detailed instructions below) Read on!
  • Close down your browser and any other programs that are running on your computer
  • Use your finder to find the file and double-click on it to execute it. Click on the self-executing program file that you downloaded to have it install Adobe Reader
  • Get back on the Internet where you will now be able to view any PDF file

    Okay, that's it! These steps, including how to avoid the most common mistakes, are more fully explained below.

    Note: If you are visually impaired and are trying to view a PDF form using assistive technology, learn how to configure Adobe Reader to work with the assistive technology you use and obtain greater access to PDF files.  For more information click here.

Why the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format?

The Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) allows us to offer an easy to read format and fine detail of images with a very small file size for faster downloading. The PDF format allows you many options such as zoom in/out, copy/paste of text or images, and lots more. It also lets us produce forms that you can print, that look exactly like the original, because Acrobat supplies the fonts that your PC may not have.

Two Easy Steps to View PDF Files

Before you can take advantage of everything PDFs offer, you need to get the free Adobe Reader program. You only need to do this once, then you can read all the PDFs on our site and anywhere else you might run across them.

The process to download your free Adobe reader is very simple and well worth the effort. Remember, you only need to do this one time, then you can read all the PDFs you come across.

Step 1. Get a Free Reader

Print these directions, or if you don't have a printer, write down the critical steps because you'll be asked to close all open applications later at the point where you install Adobe Reader, and you won't be able to see these instructions.

Click the Get Adobe Reader button below and follow the instructions to download and install your free Reader. But first here's some setup tips:

Setup Tips:

Click on the Adobe icon to get the Adobe ReaderDownload Adobe Reader so you can read the Acrobat version of this file You will then have the opportunity to save the file to your hard drive. Put it someplace where you can easily find it... some sort of temporary file.

Important note! The most common problem people encounter is that they don't remember where they save the Adobe file on their hard drive. At the point where you are given an option of where to save the file, many people just hit their "return" key without paying attention to where the file is being saved. It's being saved somewhere on your hard drive. Before you go forward with saving the file, write down two things on a piece of paper: (1) the name of the file (something like "AdbeRdr70_DLM_enu_full.exe") and (2) the folder or area to which the file is being saved. If you don't do this, you may not be able to find your file and you'll have to start over again.

If you use Netscape, below is a sample of how it will look where you will have a chance to see the file name.
Example of Netscape browser picture

If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer, a sample of where you will have a chance to see the file is pictured below. Example of I.E picture

Important note! After it has been downloaded, realize that you're not done yet! You still have to execute the program!

Finding the file that you downloaded

After it has downloaded (15 to 20 minutes on average), quit all running programs, open the file folder where you downloaded Adobe Reader and double-click on the program icon. To find the file using a PC with Windows, click on the "start" button, then click on "find", click on "files or folders", then type in the name of the program that you wrote down above, e.g., "ar500enu.exe" in the name field. To find the file using a Mac, use your "finder".

After you double-click on it, the program will self-extract and lead you through the simple setup process.

There are also simple instructions at the Adobe site and the Adobe tech staff can help if necessary. Help from Adobe is available at: http://store.adobe.com/store/general/download_info.jhtml

Step 2. Click on the PDF File

Back at the ELITE website, click on the PDF you want to read. You should now be able to read the Adobe PDF file!

Don't forget to zoom in on areas where you want more detail.


If you're ready to go to Adobe's site to download the Adobe Reader, click on this icon! Download Adobe Reader so you can read the Acrobat version of this file

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